Anyone who has dark hair and needs to deal with the arrival of whites knows that just put the touch-up aside for a few weeks and they start to become quite evident. After all, the highlight of the white thread over the dark is much greater.

To get around the problem and promote a change in the look, many women choose to cover white hair with blonde dye . Are you part of the team that dies to adhere to the technique, but are not sure which color to choose or how to make it? Then this post is for you!

Follow our step by step and see how to cover white hair with blonde dye right now!

Walkthrough: How to cover white hair with blonde dye

1 - Analyze the amount of white hair

If you want to cover white hair with blonde dye, the first step is to determine the volume of white hair you have in relation to the total hair.

Whoever has more than 30% of white hair, for example, needs to use permanent stains . This is because this type of dye penetrates the hair fiber and changes the pigmentation of the hair, which guarantees greater durability.

After all, you can't use a product that doesn't fully cover whites and still requires very frequent touch-ups, isn't it?

2 - Choose the most suitable color

Now that you have an idea of ​​how much white hair you have, it's time to choose the most suitable color. Take into account the following parameters:

100% white hair : As it is almost a matter of painting a canvas in white, the ideal is to use a dye between a shade and a shade and a half darker than that color you want. To ensure full coverage of the wires, avoid the very clear ones and choose a darker color, such as 8.0 Louro


Above 70% of white hair: In these cases, the ideal is to mix a base color - those with the .0 (zero point) ending - with the color of the reflection you get - the blonde of your preference, with a different ending of .0. The proportion for your case is ¾ base to ¼ reflex;

Between 50 and 70% of white hair : You must do the same. What changes is the proportion: ½ of base paint and ½ of reflective paint. In this case, you can use, for example, BEAUTYCOLOR's 10.11 Light Platinum Blond if you are looking for very clear reflections.

Up to 50% gray hair : In this case, the ratio between the base paint and the reflection paint should be ¼ to ¾. For nuance, you can use the BEAUTYCOLOR 9.31 Very Light Golden Gray Blonde, perfect for those who want a bright look for the summer. You can learn more by checking out right here: best silver hair dye

3 - Apply the dye to the threads

Now that you know how to choose the right dye according to the volume of your white hair, it's time to apply the product on your hair. Always remember to do the wick test in advance. If you are already used to the procedure, this should be the simplest part, but it is always important to follow a step by step to ensure greater color durability:

· Split dry hair in half;

· Attach each party to facilitate the process;

· Start with the area where the white hair is most abundant, usually at the temples;

· Spread the product from the root to the ends, until the strands are fully covered;

· Repeat the procedure on the other half of the wires;

· Massage the hair so that the color reaches the strands evenly;

· Wait for the waiting time recommended in the packaging instructions and rinse.

Ready! See how easy it is to cover white with blonde paint? Choosing the right color for you, it is easier to ensure high durability and rock out there!

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